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All the works you can see on the site are made in one example only. However every single embroidery can be copied for you. That will be the original author's copy that will look just like the first work.

You can also order the embroidery by your own topic: the portret of your kids or your wife, the picture of your house, etc. We can also choose the picture for you, if you name a topic: like "sea with a boat" or "pedigree dogs", etc.

However, we have to use a really great number of DMC colors and their combinations to make the embroidery look like a real picture. That leads to the work getting much more complicated comparing to its traditional eqivalents. So, embroiding of the typical picture (200x300 crosses) ("Autumn", "House", "Lake", ... ) takes about 3-4 months.

For professional embroiders and companies, those create and spread the embroidery charts and/or embroidery sets, we can offer the charts we create. The advantages our charts have, compared to the traditional ones, you can learn in the section Peculiarities

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