Embroidery in cross  
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Our charts are made for professional embroiders, but may also be intresting for experienced amateurs.

Creating the chart, we try to make the work look realistic. That makes the chart "motley" (a rich variety of colors can be gathered in one place), and deasn't leave place for homogeneous color, that is popular in most of the charts on the market.

That makes the charts extremely complicated to embroid, while the number of colors in one work sometimes goes over one hundred (for exapmle in portraits). To make the work easier, we use large (4x4 mm) colored signs and spread the chart over 25-30 A4 paper-sheets. The practice showed it's easier to work this way, so the speed of embroiding grows, comparing to regular charts.

While creating the chart, we use both basic colors from the DMC catalogue and the tones that don't exist there, those we create by using two threads at once. This process is the only way to create smooth gradients and get the image that is as close to the original work, as possible.
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