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Since You had come to our site, it means You're at least interested in the embroidery in cross, or the cross-stitching may even be the field of Your business.This is our family site. Here you can see sketches we have created and works we have already embroidered by them. You can also leave Your opinions or business propositions by mail.
Our sketches are created mostly for the professional embroidering, still the experienced amateurs may also use them.
While creating the sketches, our goal is to make our works look realistic while keeping the size of the work as small as possible along with the minimal quantity of the thread colors.

As a result, our sketches are more difficult in their creation. The main reason is the high variegation of the work. So, we pay much attention to make our sketches not only contain adorable pictures but also comfortable to work with.. That means we use larger colored sketch-signs with special pick-up of symbols and colors, also we tile the sketch into fragments those take about 25-30 A4 sheets. As the practise shows, it helps people to quicken up the embroidery process comparing to the sketches you can find on the market.

In Propositions You can get acquainted with various ways of cooperating with us and getting our charts and embroideries.

In Gallery You can see the works we had already embroidered as well as the pictures we have charts for. Some of the charts are already published.

In Charts You can check out the specification for our charts.

In Preculiarities You can get to know, what's so special about our embrioderies and why are they different form what you have seen before.

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